Little Black Dresses

My friend Veronica’s well-connected kind. Everyone has a friend like that. Guest list by, long contact date there. She likes me to discover coolstuff. So, before a dinner Postnoel TPL Moms, she brought me to the showroom of her friend who is literally two blocks from my house. She was going to look for a dress for the evening and I was able to take the tour to see how the selection was vast!

I discovered the company the little black dress, and I top on the concept.
The little black dress is a dress rental business (it exists already, I know) which also allows you to leave your dresses hanging in your wardrobe, made to make you money. Everyone wins.

In addition to being an ecological (and economic) way to get your hands on a dress for a special occasion, it’s really cool to be able to drop of clothing who sleep in your closet. Just like that, you know, my girlfriends pregnant, you should take the opportunity to live your clothes while they do more! HA.

The price of a three-day rental starts at as little as $5 and there are really several different styles.There is even a bun bar if you want to make a stone two strokes!

You can visit their website HERE or follow them on social networks!