Little Legs Warm For The Winter

What is what is practical, colorful, fashionable and that will be very useful this winter? Leg warmers or baby legacy: an essential accessory for all babies.

What’s it like?

The leg warmers are kind of rising socks without feet. Worn by a baby, they cover the ankle and go back to the top of the thighs. For adults, the age they come above the knee or at the top of the calf. They are usually made of cotton or wool.

What’s the point?

  • For porting: they keep the legs warm and always covered, even if the pants up a bit.The air can no longer pass between the socks and pants!
  • For cloth diapers: they facilitate the exchange of the layers and avoid a layer of extra clothing,.
  • For the four-legged: they protect small knees crawling.
  • For the toilet training or natural hygiene: no tights or pants to remove.
  • Clothing: they easily replace tights or leggings

And when baby grew?

  • They can be worn as leggings

Small comparative of the leggings at the natural baby:

  • Huggalugs: made up 80% of organic cotton, 15% nylon and 5% spandex, they are ideal in any season. 39 cm long, they can be worn from 0 to 6 years for use until the thigh or calf for adults. They are very easy to maintain.
  • Manymonths: hot, they are pure Merino Wool, they are ideal in the winter. They are also quite long: 39 cm. The goalie pads are adjustable on both sides thanks to a hidden adjustable elastic band, so they grow with the child and go as well to older children. Cold wash is recommended.
  • Pololo: 100% organic wool, these leather leggings as styled by will be perfect in winter and the mid-season from 0 to 4 years and as gaiters for adults. They are shorter than the Many months and Huggalugs because they measure 26 cm. Like many products in wool, it is recommended to wash them by hand.
  • Tidoobio: they are knitted by hand in 100% Merino Wool and vegetable dyes. The shortest of all, they are 19 cm and are suitable from 0 to 2 years about as leggings. They must be washed by hand less than 30 ° C.