Live Sport on TV Cycling

By 2015, there has been a great change took place in the media landscape in cyclocross world. The Belgian operator Telenet has emerged as a key player in the new media landscape. They will produce a large number of study visits on live TV. Telenet will otherwise work closely with both the International Cycling Union UCI and, on the other hand, the Flemish public broadcaster VRT. Through what channels are broadcast in the winter of 2015-2016 in the Netherlands and Belgium topveldritten live on TV, because the matches in the cyclo-cross world, the Superprestige Cyclocross and bpost Bank Trophy?


The Flemish company Telenet began in the mid-nineties.Originally a telephone company. Soon Telenet also offer Internet services. Later the company also focus on the tv market. It became a leading supplier of analog and digital TV. Telenet also became the owner of several TV stations, including Prime and Play Sports.
Cyclo and Telenet
The year 2009 was the company Telenet, one of the main sponsors of cyclo-cross team manager Hans van Kasteren. The other major was the Fidea, so this team name: Telenet-Fidea. For this reason the team over the years toppers as Bart Wellens, Tom Meeusen and Rob Peeters Zdenek Fredrik.
In February 2015 were for the first time by a TV channel in Telenet broadcast a cyclo-cross: the closing price of Oostmalle. This was a success and obviously hungry for more. The summer of 2015, it was announced that Telenet has decided henceforth to be an important player in the media landscape of the cyclo-cross world, and many study visits to go on live TV broadcast.

Across the arrival of Telenet is the departure of other media companies in the cyclo-cross world: the Flemish commercial programs FOUR, who in the past include all matches in the Superprestige live exception will be valid from the 2015-2016 season almost no cyclo-cross for more live coverage. Can send them only a cross still live out: game Mol.
Sporza cooperation and Telenet

The arrival of Telenet as broadcasters for live information sessions on television, has led to a large public-private partnership. The commercial company Telenet depends on close cooperation with the public broadcaster VRT. Telenet will largely use the large knowledge Sporza live during the years built on field trips. It will include cooperation with technical and editorial issues. An important consequence of this is that both cyclo Sporza that by Play Sports often Michel Wuyts will become a commentator and Paul Herygers co-commentator. Another important result of this cooperation, Sporza Telenet and coverage of the UCI World Cup and Superprestige have divided among themselves. Both parties will send a number of crosses each of the two race series.
Money Transmitter?

How is it? Alive study visit Telenet behind the decoder? Which will be broadcast on a pay TV channel?This is not really the case. It has been announced that these study visits will be broadcast on a so-called open channel in Telenet Telenet so that people who have a cable provider, for study trips would not have to close additional drawing.
For cyclocross fans in the Netherlands, but also for cyclocross fans in Belgium not Telenet customers, this is obviously not a festive novelty. Still, most likely, in practice, many study visits be broadcast live by play sports also be followed live on the Internet via live coverage on various websites. For example, the UCI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP cyclo also live by a stream on their own website.

Telenet will from the 2015-2016 season, main sponsor of UCI World Cup Cyclocross. Sports channel in Telenet, Play Sports, will also be a large number of World Cup races are broadcast live. Sporza will be possible only send two Flemish cyclo-cross World Cup. Probably the Dutch public broadcasters broadcasting only the two Dutch WORLD CUP live on television. World Cup Cyclocross will however also be followed live through live broadcasts on the Internet.

As well as the WORLD CUP field trips are also competitions for the Superprestige Cyclocross divided between Play and Sports Sporza. Play Sports will televise most games that count for this classification; Sporza broadcasting, however, the matches in Ruddervoorde, Gavere and Hoogstraten.
Bpost Bank trophy

The situation at bpost Bank Trophy Cyclo is much clearer: as in previous years will also be during the 2015-2016 season, all eight matches that count to this rule classification in the live broadcast of the Flemish public broadcaster VRT. When bpost Bank Trophy sends both matches of men’s and ladies on live TV.

What channel is the major championships to see live? Both the Belgian Championships, World Cup and European Championships will be broadcast live on television from the Sporza.