Make-up according to your horoscope

If you believe in the stars or no, it’s always fun to find recommendations according to your zodiac sign. As well as take a look at your skin, eyes , or hair, your personality can also determine which will be the appropriate look – take advantage of the extra help of the Zodiac and put into practice these simple tips from make-up according to your horoscope!

• Aries

The Arian have an impulsive energy, however, lean it safe using foundations and concealers that refine your skin. For the day to day, you opt for a makeup natural, a mask black to wake up your look and tone tierra-dorados. In the nights of passion, nothing better than a red lipstick. Tip: leave the routine and dare with unexpected colors.

• Taurus

The Sign Taurus women are warm, friendly and with a positive attitude. This tranquility is denoted in a natural makeup shades lands and peaches. On special occasions, emphasizes your eyes with delineated prolix according to the range of the Brown. Tip: your smile is your best weapon, highlight it with creamy gloss or lipstick.

• Gemini

The geminianas like to dare with different styles and trends, above all because they tend to get bored with the monotony. For the day, the pastel tones and soft will make them feel very feminine. Leave for the night vibrant as blue, purple, silver and gold tones. Tip: vary the routine and do not forget to focus on your eyes.

• Cancer

Cancer females are kind, sensitive, and caring. His reserved personality leads them to prefer a makeup attached to nature – for them, simple is a look all. The Colombian Sofía Vergara is an excellent example. Your ringtones? Warm and pink. Tip: give yourself permission to experience… a little color falls you ill anyone!

• Leo

Those that belong to the sign Leo, are intense and seek attention through its style. The stringent opt for glitzy outfits, strident colors and trendsetters – Yes, very to the Jennifer López. It is important to take care your skin to make the makeup look correctly. Tip: some smoky eyes and much glitter will make you the star of the evening, but don’t forget to balance to avoid falling in the current.

• Virgo

The perfectionists of the zodiac. Don’t let drag by fashion trends, on the contrary – Virgo women know what they wears them. Your makeup stays clean and polished, despite dare to small changes every so often. Uses shades Red, cherry, raspberry and Burgundy for stunning lips. Tip: a natural or ‘imperfect’ face is also worth admiring… relax!

• Pound

The libranas are beings bright and charismatic, sociable and with one foot in front of the trends. You’re flirty, so looking to innovate your image to avoid falling into the simple. Opts for harmony in eyes and lips – cat eyes and lips Burgundy/plum will give you that vain air that you both like. Tip: give emphasis to your eyes using curlers or false eyelashes and masks for volume.

• Scorpio

Scorpio women need to feel that they are the center of attention. They are sensitive but strong character – this is demonstrated in a balanced makeup but still natural. Get your ideal look with creamy textures and pink or peaches, lips and cheeks. He experimented occasionally with shadows and EYELINERS. Tip: the foundations and concealers are your allies… for a perfect skin everything is valid!

• Sagittarius

The sagitarianas are simple and dreaming more not being able and rarely retouch your makeup. It is difficult to maintain a beauty routine – focus on Multipurpose cosmetics that provide you an exemplary look in minutes and without complications! Tip: use lighting products, BB creams, labial, makers dyes waterproof, moisturizing with color… nothing that it requires extra effort.

• Capricorn

The Capricorn women are ambitious, disciplined and well organized. Your makeup tends to be planned beforehand, they are also rigorous to the point of perfecting a delineated lips or dominate the world of brushes. For you, a velvety finish will be essential. Tip: simplify your routine!

• Aquarium

Those belonging to the sign Aquarius are modern and spontaneous. They love to change style often (as you see, Shakira is the typical Aquarian) and try different colors – no doubt, always stand out. Sign up for soft tones and light textures. Tip: framing your face by defining your eyebrows, this will give strength to your look.


The ladies of PISCES have an unmistakable taste. Despite experience, they know perfectly what goes with your style. Her dreamy and free personality leads them to prefer shades of blue, lilac, rose, green and turquoise – these colors serve both for day and in celebrations. Tip: highlight your lips with lip balms and glitters.