Marshall London in the Test

Marshall London want to be the Smartphone for the guitar group. Whether the piece hits the right note, clarifies the test.

Marshall amplification – this name is almost a synonym for guitar amplifiers. Contact had nearly every Kambouris and concert-goers with the products in any form ever – Finally, there is hardly a rock concert is running to see not a Marshall top or a Guitar Cabinet, and especially to hear. Now, the sound player who builds also loudspeakers and headphones, presents its first Smartphone to Marshall London with the. Whether that can land a hit in the mobile industry?

Cool look, powerful sound

The optics of the 549 euro expensive London is an argument for fans of the brand anyway, because with the white decorative border on the front, the Golden applications on the rubberized device mount and the rough, leather-like texture on the back of the plastic London carries the typical Marshall look to showcase.

The thin back cover can be removed and gives free access to the slots for the SIM and the micro-SD card. Also the battery with 2500 mAh is here to find – imprinted with “LONG LIVE rock ‘ N’ ROLL” a good endurance can be expected. But “rock around the clock” is not in it: In practical operation, the London in our measurements remained until 6:43 hours at reception – which is not enough for a top placement in the connect Ausdauercharts.

True sound specialist

In terms of sound performance has to offer the Marshall: the stereo speakers on the front provide a good sound and also powerful make alarm if necessary. The volume can be easily regulated with the side knobs, a long push on the button mutes the sound – a quick starts the camera.

In addition, the London has two adjustable separately in volume headphone outputs on the front side, providing metrological point of view with a low total harmonic distortion, a high signal to noise and a linear frequency response ideal prerequisite for good sound.

The M-button placed in between starts the music player. With not only local music files can play, but directly to start the player of various streaming like Spotify or tidal. The player serves as a melting pot for many audio functions. The user has so easy access on a five-band equalizer, the recording function, the separate volume control for the two headphone outputs, and even on the sound setting menu.

As a special feature the London also brings the DJ app “edjing” and the LoopStack program for four-track recordings. To the supplied in-ear earphones “Fashion” join, for 59 euro individually at Marshall headphones are available – and provide an official sound at the London. Speaking of sound: cool sound effects, such as the start of London, also should not be missed and rounds off the successful picture in this discipline.

Hardware and software with flaws

Music follows the joy of the consistent visual and acoustic implementation of Marshall domain unfortunately disillusionment when looking on the very short list of equipment – especially in terms on the high price of 549 euro. This starts with the old Android version 5.0.2, which is long outdated – what is problematic in terms of security updates.

The user interface corresponds to native Android on a few colored icons for the most part, is so intuitive to use. Marshall look correct or even standalone functions are not on the above sound features and the corresponding background images.

Also the somewhat weak-breasted Snapdragon-410 platform with a 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU is not really measured the price of Marshall smartphones. In addition, the 8-megapixel camera is disappointing: despite the auto focus and a photo light that over a long press the M-button as a lamp which can be used, the image quality even under good light conditions is weak.

A small ray of hope the 2 GB are memory and the 10 GB of the freely available user memory. Also dominates the London 5-GHz-WLAN. Also enjoying the 4.7-inch HD display, with good representation.

Light and shadow in the laboratory

Ambiguous from the lab: the battery life are mentioned especially in mixed operation of scrolling, surfing and telephoning rather modest. The transmission and reception characteristics present themselves, however, by the Bank top. In sum, this is Marshall London a gadget for fans of the brand. For everyone else, there are clearly better smartphones at this price.