Mediatek Will Make 10-and 12-Kernede Processors

The next step in processor development may be even more cores-at least if you ask MediaTek.

The new smartphones on Android-the page appears to be dominated by processors with 8 cores, but it is not enough for MediaTek. Chip makers want to make processors with 10 and 12 cores, and they can see the light of day soon.

Sources tell the Chinese media our site that the Taiwanese company is planning just the 10-and 12-kernede processors, and that they may be ready to drive smartphones already this year.

It will be a very great achievement for MediaTek, since this kind of development can take several years. However, it is also possible that MediaTek has been working on these for a long time in secret.

Right now it’s the 8-kernede processors that dominate smartphones at the high end. Both Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei have beyond MediaTek even processors with 8 cores in its product catalogs.

Some might question whether the industry is ready for so many grains. Apple is not, for example, agreed in the nuclear race, and a large number of apps are not able to exploit as many cores that are available.

Nevertheless, it seems that MediaTek is ready to take the fight up with Qualcomm, which right now has its name standing on a wide range of processors in Android-flagships.