Messages Sent Via Chat Apps Exceeds now Texting

The SMS message is under pressure. According to Information sent there now several instant messages than text messages.

Message applications like WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook, Apple, Skype chat m.f. iMessage have a field day.

According to the Information was there in 2012 sent 19 billion messages a day via chat or messaging applications. This figure compares to 17.6 billion text messages, writes our site.

It predicted that by 2014 sent 50 billion messages a day from these services, compared with 21 billion text messages.

In Denmark there are no measurements over instant messaging, but figures from the Commercial Agency of mobile consumption, reveals a decline for Sms.

In the second half of 2012 5.5 billion text messages were sent. In the same period of 2009 lay figure of 6.5 billion. Despite the decline in the message number, there’s nothing to suggest that the Danes use the phone less.