Microsoft Lumia 650 in the Test

Precisely the mid-level model Lumia 650 Microsoft bought what is withheld from the expensive champions of the 950 series: a metal housing. The Lumia test reveals: the Windows phone has more surprises in store?

  1. Microsoft Lumia 650 in the test
  2. Conclusion: Average is not enough

However, not the whole body made of metal is made, rather an aluminum strip runs around the casing, which is befitting given an MSRP of 230 euro. For a pleasant touch quality enough, especially since even the matte plastic on the back makes a quality impression. You can totally pull it off and change the battery, also the trays for nano-SIM and micro – SD are housed here. On the maps you can get but only, if you take out the battery. Especially liked the combination of ultra flat design (7 mm) and low weight (122 grams), which leads that you can barely feel the Lumia 650 in hand and also likes to forget in your pocket has given us.

The processing of the compact 5 combined makes a solid impression, however the thin casing is not especially stiff. All in all a price reasonable appearance. Even if it is hard to imagine: it’s enough to high-quality and elegant to act as the top model cast in plastic Lumia 950 XL.

More would have been better

Microsoft incorporates a 5-inch display, whose Luminosity goes with 385 candela for an OLED in order. The typical advantages of this technology come on the 650 fully to fruition: the contrasts are crisp, the colors are intensively, the appearance is extraordinarily angle-stable. Air there upwards when the resolution is only 1280 x 720 pixels. 5 inch this is enough even for a sharp display – but more goes, that shows the honor tested also in this Edition 5 X that costs 230 euros and shines with a full-HD display.

Weak chest-processor

Even when the processor much would have been more possible, because Microsoft is drawer Qualcomm in the lowest of all and sets its four cores with maximum 1.3 GHz Snapdragon 212 on the entry-level chip set bars. The graphics unit (Adreno 304) and the small amount of memory (1 GB) make it clear also that one can expect much. Anyway: Because Windows is very resource-conserving 10 mobile, the system picks the best from the weak hardware – the surface reacts always liquid. Starting takes what apps however and you should not install 3-D blockbuster like asphalt 8. Large differences compared with the Lumia 550, which is powered by the Snapdragon sister model 210 have not noticed us. And that’s no compliment, on the contrary: the Windows entry level model is finally again 100 euros cheaper.

The 8-megapixel camera, however, makes a better impression, shots at daylight are OK, the shutter lag is encouragingly short. However, the camera takes sometimes several seconds until it is ready to go. In the dark, the picture quality rushes rapidly into the cellar. Applies also here: the honor of the Android Smartphone 5 X offers a higher resolution and better quality. The front-facing camera (5 megapixels) is, however, surprisingly good, the 650 is a good choice for Selfies and video chats.

Only almost perfect

The software facilities convinced, however, and not only, because it is possible the system the live tiles Windows 10 mobile despite weak hardware liquid back and putting it. A unique feature is the good integration of Microsoft apps: Skype is installed in addition to the complete Office suite, in addition, personal information, photos, are automatically backed up to OneDrive. The pre-installed app “Microsoft cards” includes a global, free onboard navigation. An Office 365 subscription is of course not included in the price, but: the mobile version of Word or Excel is on any other tuned Smartphone system so well on the mobile use as Windows 10 mobile. Who works a lot with Microsoft products, makes nothing wrong with the Lumia 650. We would not beat, but a major weakness at this point: many apps that are Android and iOS standard, there is no for Windows 10 mobile. And if they exist, they are often only sporadically provided with updates.

Conclusion: Average is not enough

The radio properties are very good, the Lumia 650 with weak measurement results has dropped only in the GSM network. The voice quality is without reproach, both reception and transmission direction. The battery enough with only 5:37 hours in the connect-mix of use only for a place in the back, what with the capacity of 2000 mAh not surprised.

In the end, a disappointing overall impression remains. The Lumia 650, apart from the compact design, offers hardly any features that are powerful enough to move Android users traveling in this price class. Exactly these are necessary, however, for Windows 10 Mobile to run through. Average is not enough when you go against Google and Apple.