Modern Wall Clocks

This clock is decorated with vertical stripes

The clock Pop Bayadere consists of 3 pieces of different colors, some of which have vertical stripes combining the 3 colors. This color scheme will give a contemporary and dynamic look to your room.

  • She will complete with original decorative items which it will resume one or more shades (cushions, curtains, furniture …).

It consists of 18 square or rectangular rooms distributed around the mechanism and attached using adhesives provided. These pieces of Plexiglas 3 mm thick arise directly to the wall. The central portion (comprising the mechanism and the needles), is fixed with a hook.

A modern clock, easy to install

  • The mounting template included with your clock Pop Bayadèrewill allow you to install it easily .

It will do is choose among 29 colors available in customizable wall clocks radius ( Pop Bayadere which is used for vintage wall clocks) for a design and unique clock, which perfectly match your interior, priced at 129 euros .You can also choose additional options (color of the needles, silent mechanism, gift packaging).

  • It will then be made according to the criteria you have chosen and will be delivered free of charge within 5 to 7 days after confirmation of your order.