Motorola Launches Moto 360 Smartwatch

Motorola launches 4 new ads Moto 360 and starts its promotion facing the holiday season

You notice the approaching holiday shopping season, the time of year the highest turnover for most technology companies. Especially this year, due to the rise of the smartwatch, it would not be surprising that many of them strive to promote and to know the characteristics of these new technological devices that, for most of the public still remain complete strangers.

One that has already begun is Motorola, and certainly has a good reason to do so. At present, the Moto 360 is one of the most desirable smartwatch market, since the absence of the launch of Apple Watch and increased competition, the watch designed guys Motorola is no doubt that carry over into my day to day.

To promote it , the company has released 4 new ads: Businessman, Pianist, Holiday and Golf. They all have a very distinct style and, personally, I must confess that I liked a lot. The chronograph watches highlight two key features that struggle the Moto 360 against other smartwatch: its elegance and Android Wear.

That is why we can distinguish two distinct parts in the ad. At first they show the elegance of the Moto 360, round its spectacular design, different and colorful areas that we can have on the device, and its polished stainless steel edges. However, at the end of the announcement notification humorously breaks the seemingly serious tone of the announcement and serves to inform the viewer that is not before a conventional watch, but much more than that.

The new Moto 360 ads perfectly contrast the elegance of the clock with its “fun” functions

It is difficult to make predictions about what that will fare the smartwatch face their first real test fire this Christmas, although surveys like the one we showed you a few days ago show that an incredibly high percentage of users of a conventional watch are consider changing for a smartwatch.

As pointed out in BGR, the Moto 360 is one of the front runners to win the title of best-selling smartwatch this Christmas, although obviously factors such as price and promotion markedly influence the final numbers you get.