Motorola Xoom vs iPad

The Motorola Xoom is a tablet just released in the North American market. It comes with Android 3.0 and has excellent hardware features. Just can not say if it will be an “iPad killer” because this depends on many things other than the technical part. One of them is the company’s commitment to release operating system upgrades to older devices, a subject in which Motorola has seriously wronged Motorola Milestone and Android 2.2 .

Motorola Xoom vs iPad

For many who use a notebook these days, a tablet could certainly be a substitute. If the main use of the notebook is for reading, browsing the internet and multimedia, the new tablets promise to be more suitable. Besides being lighter, it has longer battery life and simpler use.

Motorola Xoom x iPad

Returning to talk about the Motorola Xoom with regard to the iPad, see a comparative table between these 2 tablets:

Considering that the iPad is the best-selling tablet yet, this comparison tells you that you should think better before purchasing an iPad. New tablet launches to come can be even better than Xoom in both technical and cost-effective terms.

What do you think of the iPad? Who buys an iPad today knows what they’re doing? In your opinion, does it pay to buy an iPad or is it better to wait to see what market will have to offer?