My Place Carioca Shopping

When we talk about Fashion Rio, soon we think of stripped, colorful, modern or exquisite clothes, which reproduce the style and soul of Rio de Janeiro. Girls, who never surrendered to the charms of “Fashion in Rio” and bought that piece which is full of colors and prints. We love it because it is the face of Brazil. Fashion has a magical effect: incorporate the most updated trends, behaviors and international technologies to the spirit of a place, of a culture. Fashion is not just the clothes we wear, it is the lifestyle; the pulse, the tradition, the behavior and the vanguard of a culture. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, the production of fashion always has its own characteristics. As the capital of Brazil for centuries, the city remained as the principal national port and it has showed the whole country what is modern and popular in fashion world. The river not only gives birth to other centers of fashion in the country, but also exports to all fashion Brazil and youthful spirit.

So today, debuting on the catwalk of the Luxury Feeling, we want to share with you a little of MY PLACE, a carioca brand created in 2008 which is seeking elegance in the bossa; it is sexy and stripped in the right measure, and translates the fast fashion trends in a way that is quite easy to understand. To the collection Autumn/Winter 2016, the brand has gathered all the experiences in years of trips to London and created TOP TOWN: a collection that transforms the tradition of tailoring and defiance in sensuality. The secret is to mix without fear and invest heavily in smart productions! We went to MY PLACE CAMPO GRANDE, which is located on the North South Plaza Mall, and set up several suggestions of looking for someone who loves to dare and can draw other’s attention wherever he/she goes. So, if you’re like us and also like cheerful and modern productions, we’re sure you’ll love our palpiteco fashion!