New Nexus Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU With Perhaps 7 600

“This tablet has a 7 capacitive multitouch” LED backlit, easy to carry and with a fantastic multimedia experience anywhere. Is powered by Qualcomm ® Snapdragon ™ 600 CPU Quad-core with the best performance. The wireless network ensures easy connection to wireless Internet. ” So you read the description of Bluetooth certification dell’asus K009—the hypothetical new Nexus 7. So why so far there was no talk of Snapdragon 600 but the S4 Pro?

There is in fact a kind of ambiguity in the initials of the two processors: the S4 Pro, which so far has been speculated on board the new Nexus 7, is the APQ8064 (the same as the Nexus 4);the Snapdragon 600 is the APQ8064T chip. You will understand very well how it is indeed possible to equivocate the two CPUs, in the absence of official communications. It is therefore not to exclude either of these solutions, although obviously that with Snapdragon 600 would be preferable in terms of current performance, and more of the “old” S4 Pro.

Let us briefly recall that other specs about this a 7 “full HD with 5 megapixelrear camera, 16 GB of internal memory, 4,000 mAhbattery, and LTE radio (K009–ME571KL) but of course there is also a Wi-Fi-only model (K008–ME571K). Presentation? By the end of July, just to keep us a little wide, perhaps with a new version of Android.