Noble Vintage Horn Rimmed Sunglasses

Today it is no secret that the security of a successful image- it’s not just basic stuff, but well-chosen accessories. They complete the look, giving integrity and harmony. That’s why many ladies and dandies who wear glasses, and even if they do not have any vision problems. This detail makes each person makes interesting.
A special place in all the multifaceted world of modern optics occupy horn frames glasses. At a time when so popular retro trend, there’s a real renaissance.

Make them as the name implies, made of natural materials-horns of various animals. Most buffalo are considered suitable. Interestingly, the older the animal, horny settings more interesting model. The most valuable examples of masters made by hand, cutting the entire structure completely from certain areas horn. Less expensive versions may be made by the machine of the pressed material. There are combined glasses, which are made only by the cashier of the horn lens and brackets are made from conventional plastics.
Standing fashion horny expensive eyeglass frames that turns them into something status. Today they are intelligent people, creative, modern and have a good abundance.

Features of Horn-rimmed Glasses

  • Noble appearance: This is the beauty created by the best designers – with nature.
  • Uniqueness: Frames are unique, as no two identical horns of animals.
  • Wearing comfort: Horn rim glasses have a rough surface, because in those places where it faces the skin, a good contact, glasses do not slip.
  • Hypoallergenic: Natural material does not cause irritation or anything unpleasant, even with daily use.

As in any article made of natural material or conventional solar spectacles in horn-rimmed should care.
It is necessary to destroy their daily special microfiber cloth, which is commonly sold as a set. It is also important to avoid colliding with moisture, do not visit them in the sauna or pool. Moreover, this material does not like high temperatures.
By following these recommendations, you can maintain a perfect appearance of your points and the opportunity to continue their long age.