Nokia Is Officially Looking for a Partner

After months of speculation, Nokia takes an official position about his much-discussed return in the mobile phone industry and does so via a statement posted on its official website by Robert Malik, a spokeswoman for Nokia Technologies.

Malik reminds us how the sale of Devices & Services section at Microsoft resulted in the loss of its production capacity, marketing and its distribution channels, all essential elements to develop and sell smartphones globally. For this reason, Nokia believes that his return in the mobile phone industry should go through a phase of brand-licensing, through which to find a global partner able to provide Nokia’s all production and distribution currently missing at the company.

Of course there will be limited to the assignment in the “Nokia” brand license on third party devices, but a closer collaboration that will see Nokia in the lead regarding the design and the “technological differentiation” of various products. In his statement, Malik cites the recent Android tablet Nokia N1, made by Foxconn, as an example to be followed for the gradual drop in the smartphone market, reminding us that however this will not happen before the last quarter of 2016, according to the agreements established with Microsoft.

In short, we should wait more than a year before being allowed to talk about the first Nokia brand new smartphone, however this does not mean that the company is already working on some project.