Nokia Lumia 930: 5 Tips For Better Photos

Impressive shots with the camera of the Nokia Lumia 930: the main camera of before flagship model from the 2014 Lumia series offers you with the resolution of 20 MP good conditions for great photos. But for a successful image, not only the mega pixels are crucial, but also things like exposure, image sharing, and the appropriate settings. Here, you’ll get a few tips to get more out of the camera of the Lumia 930.

Adjustments Such As Exposure

To call up the setting menu for the camera, you must first perform a swipe from the top of the screen down on the home screen of the Nokia Lumia 930. Then tap the camera icon and then pulls the small camera icon, which is located in a circle, with the finger to the left. There you can make different settings with the regulators, for example for exposure compensation.

Nokia Lumia 930 5 Tips For Better Photos

Are Looking For Proximity To The Object

Basically you should approach as close as possible when photographing your subject, to get a better picture. With the Nokia Lumia 930 >>, it is advisable to skip the zoom function of the camera and instead to seek the proximity to the object. So you avoid grainy images. Tried multiple angles, before pressing the shutter – so’ll get the best result at the end. If you still want to zoom, you can zoom in the preview image with a wiping motion with a finger upwards. Move to a specific object in the focus, you must touch only it on the display.

Disable “Vibrant Images”

The Nokia Lumia 930 offers you the function of “Living pictures”, which is preset at the factory. This function is activated, the camera takes in addition a video photo – every time, when you press the shutter button. Since this space is lost, you should switch off the function in the camera’s Setup menu. So, you get more space for your photos.

Professional Image Division

A good image Division is important to get a professional looking picture. This includes, for example, that the subject is not in the Center but on the border of two-thirds of the snippet. The horizontal levels are divided ideally; in this way, you’ll get an image Division, which is perceived by the Viewer as pleasant. Both points are clearly demonstrated in our post image.


  • It comes with a swipe from the top down and a tap on the camera icon in the settings menu of Lumia 930 camera app
  • Approaches as close as possible to the subject before taking pictures and dispenses with the zoom function
  • Focuses on an object, by you typing it in the preview
  • Disabled the function of “Living pictures”, to save storage space
  • In third shares your image to make more professional to have the photo