Nokia May Prevent Tethering in Android

Mobile manufacturer Nokia has an old patent about tethering, as Android actually violates. Read more about it here.

There are a number of cases on a regular basis about patent litigation and this time it seems that it is Nokia who has something on Android. It writes our site.

There have just been two patent cases in court in Germany between HTC and Nokia. Both times it has been Nokia, which has meant that HTC and the other Android-producers have violated Nokia patents.

Nokia believes that Android violate a patent relating to internet sharing. A patent, which dates from 1995, when there was no network that virtually no parts. The patent is the Finnish mobile maker has been on sharing of networks between mobile phone and PC. Back then you could make internet sharing by means of a wire, but Nokia also believe that their patent covers more than cable internet sharing.

Nokia is struggling, according to the website, the struggle both in the United States, Germany and England.

Nokia wins the case then it will mean that Android-producers must pay the license to Nokia for use of the technology. You can read more about it here.