Nokia N1-Tablet Meets Huge Demand

On the day where Nokia N1-the Tablet came for sale in China, the demand was huge and several times larger than the supply.

N1-tablet that Nokia has got off to a good start would be an understatement to say, at least if these numbers hold true. Since the Tablet could be purchased online in China, there were 20,000 copies for sale-but there were over half a million who clicked it in after it.

According to Nokia Fan Club was the Tablet sold out in 4 minutes and 2 seconds, and the whole 566,438 people had moved into the website to get their hands on the tablet.

In other words, there were more than 28 times as many people come to buy Nokia N1, which actually were units for sale.

The Tablet also appears to be a good piece of electronics. The specifications are at the forefront, and recent tests on services AnTuTu and GFX shows that Nokia N1 score higher than Apple’s iPad Mini 3.

The next time the Tablet comes to sale will be the 15. January, where Nokia-starved Chinese will get a new chance to become owners of the Tablet, which has a price of just over 1600 Danish crowns, not including any taxes and fees.