Now Dive Diving Price of Samsung Galaxy S III

Would you you a Samsung Galaxy S III then it is now you have to turn to. The phone’s price has reached a low point.

When do I need to buy in order to save the most? The question is not always easy to answer, but now provides a price analysis the answer, at least when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S III, last year’s top model of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer.

The night of Friday the 15th. March was the Samsung Galaxy S4 presented in New York. The product that will replace S III when the shops in Denmark on Saturday 27. April, and it has influenced the price of its predecessor in the downward direction.

Price our site Wizard has analyzed price developments on the Galaxy S (III) for the period from 1. November 2012 to 16. April 2013. The curve shows not surprisingly a price development, which gradually has gone down since the turn of the year, with small variations along the way.

New price lows

The phone passed a few days ago an all time low and is subsequently increased slightly again.

The analysis is based on the average price in the period, among all the dealers, who have had the phone for sale via It thus shows the trend in price developments – and it is good for consumers.

The average price among all the dealers were the 16. April 2013 down at 3,718 crowns against over 4,200 kroner in november 2012.


Less than 3,000 DKK

Buyers can rejoice that the Galaxy S III is as low as around 2,799 dollars without subscription, which is historically cheap. It is who is the winner here.

Back in the beginning of November, was Telecom chain the cheapest place to buy Samsung Galaxy S III, since it is here, in other words, a saving cost 3,549 crowns at 750 dollars.

For comparison, the cost of the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4 down to around 4,980 crowns.