Now Possible to Borrow E-Books from the Largest Danish Publishing House

The major Danish Publishing House is launching a competitor to eReolen next week, offering loans of more than 5,000 e-books.

Within the next few weeks will have two million Danes possibility to borrow e-books from the largest Danish Publishing House. Approximately 45 libraries has entered into an agreement with the publishers’ new service, which offers loans of more than 5,000 e-books, which is more than twice as many titles as the competitor eReolen. It writes our site. 

Lindhardt og Ringhof and publishers Gyldendal pulled last year all their titles out of eReolen, as they will no longer be able to agree on the terms.

-“We are very pleased that we are now with our site get tested a new model,” says Elisabeth Nøjgaard from Gyldendal to Politiken.

Service works in a different way than eReolen. Here pays libraries for a specific number of e-books and for each book if you buy a license, which applies to four lending. It also means that users can run the risk of having to wait for an e-book, just like the case also can be with the ordinary books.