Nubert NuControl and NuPower in the Test

These pre/power amplifier combination of Nubert is a very nice spread: rarely we have experienced as much sovereignty as in the interplay of preamplifier Nubert NuControl and amplifier NuPower. In the test, sound Manager meets sound power plant.

It was a violent surprise: is far better known for the direct mail speakers, Nubert an own combination of pre-and power amplifier before. Cobbler, stick to your bar–feared some, especially the competing electronic companies. Schuster, expand your game room, however, thought the fans of the brand. Look more closely and discovered that this step was almost inevitable: Nubert brought an own range of active loudspeakers on the market over the years, enhancing expertise wanted to be used.

The Swabians are serious, very serious with their trip to the electronics. The precursor of NuControl, for example, call it “Sound Manager” – and be right. Four analog and five digital sources can be combined. Where digital cast the analog sources. Finally they should use the internal digital signal processor. Where Nubert oddness, no spills, and treats the Burr Brown converters for this task the large PCM-4220 -. Nubert from same House uses the PCM-1794-chip, the 24-bit Burr Brown has designed for the reverse digital to analog way.

It is exciting that Nubert also installed a siebenbändigen part of parametric equalizer. In combination with a powerful digital signal processor comprehensive possibilities to finely adjust the precursor on the speakers and last but not least, the acoustics of the room. So, Nubert has measured, for example, your own speakers and deposited their demand profile in memory of NuControl. One, two clicks through the very well organised menu and the precursor feeding the loudspeakers with the best possible signal in terms of Equalization and improved bass response.

Fine tuning makes fun and sense. For example, the comprehensive integration of subwoofers sub/sat building. Any run-time differences can be compensated via a signal delay. There is also a variable crossover frequency and slope – fine can not coordinate a sub/sat combo. What we still do not have praised: aluminium front panel and a XLR-input/output-duo is outstanding the processing, including the massive.

Ideally, the output signals (optionally via RCA) reach the in-house power amplifier NuPower D. Here Nubert settles with double 785 Watts rather violently out of the window. What irritated in the first encounter: as much power at only nine kilos of weight – how do the Swabians? You build strictly digital your amplifier concept, therefore the large “D” in the name; a combination of switching power supply and fine class D power amplification.

Sounds light, but as indicated, brings enormous output. Only for the technical poetry album: the switching power supply alone provides up to four kilowatts. This amplifier weakens never and never not. In our testing, we have used some, complex, power-hungry speakers – including the large, rapidly new B & W 802 D3-, no box to bring managed the NuPower D to their limits.

Always there was a stately, powerful, and equally fine dynamic sound experience. The cross check to another amplifi er showed also the NuControl as a highlight: it’s finest, elegant handling of the smallest information of dynamic without being pedantic. The NuControl loved the big, strong bass boost, the color-rich centers. A top product. Where Nubert can let play another strength: as direct mailers must not stick to the complex price structures of the market. Or directly: NuControl like NuPower D play quality far beyond its very modest price tag. A double clear purchase recommendation.


The surprise is perfect: like NuPower D have the makings of the greatest role models of their design NuControl. In NuControl like the plethora of options that you should definitely experiment. The sound value is enormous. To the immense power of NuPower D – this is in the best sense without borders, this power amplifier no speaker leads to sweating. The maximum amount of sovereignty.