OnePlus Teaser for New Gear Today [Update]

There are new on the way from Chinese OnePlus later today-it shows a little teaser on the company’s Google + account

A picture says more than 1000 words, says the saying, and it may have been something about. Part tech firms send pictures with innuendos out when they have to launch something new, and the strategy has OnePlus availed of.

The company has put an image out on Google+, which paves the way for new hardware. Along with the image is the text “do you need a reason to be excited in the morning? We have 10,000! ”

Yesterday showed a few pics up of what was supposed to be a OnePlus One Mini, but many media believe further that it is a Chinese copy item.

By analyzing a little on the image, then one can in addition to the relatively obvious reference to date in day view an outline of a unit-probably the launch mentions.

In addition, there are 4 dots, which could look like LED lights. The type of light similar to those you often find on portable charging stations, and with the words ‘ Go further ‘, what is on Danish could be translated to ‘ achieve more ‘ and the reference in the text, so could follow 10,000 a 10000 mAh external battery be a good bet.

OnePlus has already several types of accessories for OnePlus, and we will update the article here, as soon as we’ve found out what OnePlus has hidden in the sleeve.


True enough, it was an external battery, which has been given the name OnePlus Powerbank, who hid behind the teaser image. And the 10,000 mAh also proved to be true.
The price is located at 119 Danish kroner without cargo, and it will be available early next year. Like OnePlus One battery will be available in the colors white and sandstone black silk.

In addition, OnePlus started a contestwhere you can make a bid on the name of the costum ROM, OnePlus is developing. OnePlus is ready with more information on the project early next year.