OPPO N3-Truly Unique Camera Mobile [Test]

Review: We have tested the OPPO N3, there will be a mobile camera for enthusiasts.

We admit it like OPPO is not the most famous or popular smartphone brand, and it is not them, hitting the top 10 sales charts. Maybe you’ve never heard of OPPO before. OPPO is in Denmark gained notoriety among hi-fi enthusiasts to make Blu-ray players for 10,000 dollars. OPPO has, however, also a side project with smartphones in a somewhat more reliable price range.

Although the price is pushed down towards the mid-range, so fails the specifications are rarely anything but have never gotten a genuine OPPOs smartphones breakthrough in Denmark. It is probably due to OPPO partly focuses on a little special features, and that they only be negotiated through a European Web shop in England. So you cannot buy OPPO with a subscription with TDC, 3 or similar. 

Why test a phone that very few will buy? Just because OPPO dare make some smartphones with special features, droll design choices and rethinking of the Android software. Is it so some smart choices? We will look at shortly.

First, we need to see what is there inside behind the white outer:

Goals: 161 x 77 x 9.9 mm, 192 grams
Screen: 5.5 “IPS LCD display with 1080 x 1920pixels resolution. About 403ppi
Software: Android 4.4.4 KitKat with Color US 2.0 as skin.
Performance: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset, quad-core 2.2 GHz CPU, Adreno GPU, 330 2 GB RAM
Camera: Motorized 206-degree rotating lens, 16MP 1/2.3 “sensor, Schneider Kreuznach certified, 1.34 µm pixel size, dual LED flash.
1080 p video recording with 30 and 60 fps. 720 p slow motion video with 120fps
Battery: 3, 000mAh with Oppos VOOC fast charging. From 5% to 75% battery at 30 min
Storage: 32 GB memory and microSD allowed
Network Cat. 4 LTE (150/50Mbps); Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac; Bluetooth 4.0; GPS/GLONASS; microUSB, USB On-The-Go
Moreover: Finger scanner that also acts as a trackpad and button. O-Click Bluetooth remote control, you can control the camera and find the smart phone.

In other words, it is a potent unit where it may only be full HD resolution which on paper may disappoint a little as more competitors now can boast of QHD-resolution of 1440 x 2560. The whole thing is available for € 549 4090 dollars, or rather because the device must be sent from OPPO Europe Office in England.However, since Denmark is part of the EUROPEAN UNION, we must, unlike for example Norway, do not pay additional VAT or import costs.

Design-2 steps forward, one step back

Hardware fails and nothing is something of an upgrade from its predecessor, N1, which had S600 as chipset, less camera and Android 4.3. Physical is there also happened a bit with N3, then it has 0.4 inches smaller screen and is therefore also not so high and wide.

Where N1 had a slightly more curved top, are N3 more square and the top is dominated by the large camera. Design-wise it creates a little unbalanced, since the bottom black border at the same time have been less. The camera does not have the same smooth plastic design as the rest of the phone, but rather an imitation leather design with artificial seams. This is apparently done for the camera to appear more exclusive.

It’s a design trick that Samsung has taken advantage of for a number of years and in countless high-end models and it may share the waters, because design is the popular terms a design taste. Personally, I have nothing positive to say about non-genuine leather design produced in plastic, and so we let it be up to you readers what you think.

N3erens bottom, on the other hand, are designed with more dare and rethinking, by on the one hand, to have a bow that goes beyond the very bottom. The arc is an extension of the aluminum frame which form the extremities of the N3 and the bow will therefore be able to take the worst beatings if the phone is lost with the bottom at the bottom.

Notification lights are no rediscovery on Android, but most often are the one on the front. On N3 is the lamp located on the bottom of the phone, so that the lamp is flashing out on metal arch, and regardless of whether the phone is located on the back or with the screen facing down, you will be able to view the notification light.

It is both good and bad, for sleeping with the smart phone near it, it feels like a mini light show during the night with various incoming emails, SMS messages and other reminders. It bothered me the first night, but the feature is really nice in the day. The phone has been tested with beta software and there is no option to turn off the lamp from in a fixed time interval. However, there is the option to turn off the light completely from if desired.

At the back we find the famous camera with motor, and a finger scanner. Scanner, however, has a number of features as it also acts as a button as switch on/off. Finger scanner is quick to perceive your finger and there is minimal delay which makes it a useful feature.

All in all, the N3 no design gem, but metal edge makes it can tolerate some beatings. The screen is, however, somewhat fragile and already got a few scratches for the first time I popped it into the sports bag along with my keys. Same treatment have my Nokia 920 got in almost two years and Nexus 5 in 8 months without having anywhere near as obvious scratches on the screen.


Monitor – no top model

N3 is price-wise OPPOs top model, but we see the raw number of pixels, then Find 7 big brother N3 superior. With its 1080 p distributed on 5.5 “is therefore no 2015 topmodel worthy, and it can perhaps be surprised, when the now familiar road to the OPPO many pixels by 1440p.

However, I do not think I’ll notice to the individual pixels and viewing angles are, as so often on IPS screens, really good. However, the colors are a bit of contrast-abandoned, but it is a pleasant and natural way. Part competitors exaggerates the colors completely unnatural, and you see a football game on your smartphone you will often see a screaming green lawn. It is not gartnernes, but rather monitors who profit misinterpret and exaggerate colours.

OPPO N3 delivers more genuine colors, but where it should have criticism is its brightness, which is not entirely in the top when winter sun peeks above once in a while. For indoor use is however, plenty bright screen IPS.

Operating system – OPPOs own ColorOS is in top form

When I notified OPPO N1 for a year ago, it was clear that a time in between was some notch here and there. One of the reasons was to OPPOs own ColorOS used Android 4.2, Jelly Bean, instead of 4.3 or 4.4.Now has been upgraded to Android ColorOS 4.4 and it was much needed. It is not because the design has changed, but the small notch in Google Play, calendar and other hverdagsapp is now gone.
ColorOS’s design is very subdued and is accustomed to Android 4.4 or earlier, you feel quickly at home used. However, we have tasted the sweet Lollipop, Android 5.0, so can ColorOS well seem a bit old-fashioned, with half boring icons.

N3 and ColorOS however has some quibbles, because in many respects has switched buttons. Physically switch on/off button on the left side of the phone, and not right, like that of the phone bottom menu are reversed on multitasking touch-button and the “back” button. The home button is still in the middle.Multitasking-button is also a bit special, since it only shows the open apps if you hold button for one second. If you only press cards, which usually, one sees it open the program’s preferences.

I often use multitasking, so for me it’s a little annoying, but it turns out, however, to the. Unfortunately I have not yet found a place in settings which makes that one can change the touch-button functions.

ColorOS is also special in that all the apps you have installed, is out on the home screens, just like on an iPhone. In addition, so fetching ColorOS not automatically all the apps I had previously installed on an Android smartphone, so everything must be done from the bottom and it makes that buyers of N3 will need much longer to come to terms, the first time they turn on the phone.

Battery life in ColorOS and N3, however, is really good and with my usage keeps the device without problems for a whole day, which is a number of other Andriods or iOS smartphones usually cannot boast.So even if N3 has the option of quickly being left up in the course of the day, so it’s thankfully not necessary.

OPPO – the droll Designer

OPPO tend to lie some droll thing in the box and quirky features into ColorOS. N3 is no exception and included in the package is a O-click Remote control. It can be used to find its smartphone if you have misplaced it, or to take pictures. O-click items, plus also the predecessor N1 and worked really fine. The O-click you get with N3 makes it just as fine, and has also gotten more configuration options, so there is more to geek out with.

N3 also has an unusually long sim card holder. N3 is a dual-sim phone and turns one card holder one way, you will be able to see the two identical holes. You look at the back, there is also room for a MicroSD card, unfortunately, can not read both N3 two sim cards and a MicroSD card, you have to choose. Either dual-sim phone, or single sim with the option of SD memory expansion. However, it is very well thought out, with less often switches between different SD cards since the SIM card so also with out smoking.


Camera – innovative Goliath

The camera in the OPPO N3 is one of the major selling points, at least if you ask OPPO itself. The camera is motorised and this means that if you need to take a panoramic shot, so keeping you N3 horizontally and press the “Auto-panorama” button. Quietly begins to move from camera to be wrong-headed to be front.

It is really very simple, but nevertheless fascinating. The time it takes to take a panorama is, however, unnecessary slowly and the result will be quickly a little choppy if you shake their hand. Where I see the engine be used most is like wow-effect by social gatherings.

You should take a group-selfie, so stroking you finger down, and hey presto, so is the camera front and ready to shoot pictures of that guaranteed laughs or stands with open mouth.

Where the camera lags tremendously is on auto focus-time. Do you want to take pictures of children, animals, sports or other things in motion, so is this camera mobile no for you. It goes simply far too slowly and many images will be blurred. It’s a bit disappointing when now OPPO has got an external company to provide hardware.

The image sensor is 1/2.3 “, but it has not exploited the delicate hardware from Schneider-Kreuznach.Sometimes it’s best not to have a big sensor, if you fail to take advantage of the potential.

Do you have time to focus, then take N3 slightly better images. The colors are beautiful, but there is too much noise and the edges are not sharp. I shot a few pictures indoors with Dim lights, and here it all then fell to the ground. Both my Nexus 5 and Lumia 920 took substantial better-looking pictures. The colors of N3 is sådanset quite fine, and dual-LED flash lit the room up just fine, but there is too much noise in the picture.

Both the slow autofocus and noise on the pictures can certainly be corrected with new software, but what should have been one of the biggest selling points of N3 is failed to appear and it is now primarily the engine in the camera module which provides entertainment points.


All in all, completely his own, N3 OPPO and very typical OPPO. How far the is the a little over 4000 kroner worth must be up to the buyer, since some of the biggest minuses are easier subjective. But for 4000 dollars you get fast hardware, fine accessories and a number of unique features. The camera should have been a major selling point, but it did not materialize, however, and is more a social gimmick due to engine, than quality pictures from a recognised fotohus.

The price is exactly 4090 dollars and can be pre-ordered now. The first customers can expect to receive a package in mid-January. In “pre-order” package you also get a 32 GB MicroSD card and a external battery on 6000 mA with VOOC technology, so you can let your N3 twice quickly up when you’re on the go. For further 290 kronor (€ 39) you can get a VOOC seems as fit in cars cigarette lighter. Do you have a car, you can get charged your OPPO smartphone during a short drive.