Our Site Is Abandoning the Sale of Mobile Company

The Nordic region’s largest telecommunications operator, our site, has given up trying to sell their otherwise successful Spanish low-cost company Yoigo.

Enough is our site Scandinavia’s largest telecommunications company, but they have nevertheless abandoned their, otherwise successful, the Spanish low-cost mobile operator Yoigo sold.

Our site owns 76.6 percent of Yoigo and it was expected that a sale would bring in our site around one billion euros, but has not succeeded in getting so high bid. It writes our site.

Last year, as otherwise it would appear that either the world’s largest mobile carrier by British Vodafone or French France Télécom was an obvious buyer of Yoigo, but there it is, therefore, not been. Yoigo have led many customers, as a result of the economic crisis, from the great Spanish telcos. In January of this year got the 85,000 new customers.

-“Since the desired goal is not reached, we have discontinued the sales process and look forward to continuing to develop the company,” says acting Chief Executive Per-Arne Blomquist our site’s.

Analysts predict, however, that in the future might be able to see the company sold.

-“Spain is a fairly tough market for the time being, so maybe the timing is simply mad in order to obtain a price which is sufficiently attractive,” says Stefan Olsson from bank of aland.