Our Site Makes Status for the Year 2014

One of the most popular places to hear music is our site, and they have found the year’s trends and top names

Our site must of course not being cheated out of making a small annual statement, so everyone can follow along in what has touched it on music front this year. Streaming service has found the greatest numbers, the biggest names and some curious trends of the year, there at the end.

Ed Sheeran has had a good year both in Denmark and internationally. He is as according to our site this year’s male artist, and he is also behind the year’s most popular song in Denmark. This year’s female name in the world was Katy Perry.

Together with a number of WINS of top names, numbers and albums are also a few curious finds. For example, was 30. may the happiest day of the year in terms of music. There was the game more joyful music than any other day.

Our site could also see that there was significantly less music streamed from service on 8 November. July this year in Brazil. It is very possible that it has something to do with football, as it was the day when Brazil was run around by Germany in a match at the WORLD CUP, which brasserne lost the entire 7-1.