Our Site Ready with Security Application

A new security package is ready for your smartphone, whether you have a Android or iPhone – free for our site-customers.

A new report, conducted by security firm F-secure, showing that there is an increase in the number of virus attacks on smartphones. Therefore, the our site now takes next step in the counterattack and it goes in all its simplicity, a new free security product, an application, to all private our site mobile customers have seen the light of day.

Application, our site Mobile Security protects against viruses, and sites that try to steal personal information. This makes it know that it scans your phone and keep it free from harmful content and applications.

F-secure’s new Mobile Threat Report for the fourth quarter 2012 shows that the number of malware targeting smartphones have increased in 2012 compared with figures from 2011. A total of more than 300 variants of malware found its way to consumers ‘ mobile phones last year.

The most exposed platform continues to be Android, which accounted for 79 percent of all mobile threats in 2012. The report also shows that 66 percent of all mobile malware in 2012 was the so-called Trojans, which means the virus programs that sneaks through innocent programs or applications.

-“The Danes surf and E-deals on the Web from their smartphones like never before. Unfortunately we see also that computer criminals are increasingly trying to gain access to the Danes’ personal information. We have a responsibility to ensure our customers’ use of their smartphones and for this reason we give the app to our customers, “said Shian, Director of Commercial management in our site Private.

There will be two applications for Android, but since Apple decided to antivirus, Anti theft and browser must not be offered for Apple customers will only be available for Android devices.

You can download the application free Security in our site Mobil both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Large.

You can read more about application on our site’s home page.

With in the application you will get:
-Antivirus protection (Android)
-Scan your phone and hold the phone and data free of harmful applications
-Browser Protection (Android)
-Protect yourself against sites that try to steal your personal information.
– Mobile Back up (Android + IOS)
-Backs up your contacts, photos and videos. Easily move your content to a new phone.
– Anti Theft (Android)
-Protect phone and content. Close, delete, locate or set the alarm on your phone.