Pebble Steel Time Update

A week after the presentation of the Pebble Time, the company makes official its metal version

Pebble just made official its new metal model Pebble Time , the new smartwatch that the company introduced a week ago. As it did with the original version, this new Pebble Time Steel is aimed at an audience looking for an elegant alternative to the great virtues that meets the smartwatch: screen e-ink color with perfect readability, battery life of 7 days and a community developers who already wanted many.

The announcement comes at the same time as the MWC held in Barcelona, perfect to attract the attention of the major players in the technology industry now. We have approached the stand that Pebble has at MWC, but to our regret we have not given any details about the new Steel version, nor had the new Pebble Time on display through

The new Steel model has a slightly thinner than the standard frames, an aspect that contributes significantly to bring it further to the design of Apple Watch. As if that were not enough, the device will also be available in the same colors as the smartwatch apple: silver, black and gold. Where they have drawn inspiration for the golden version with red belt?

As for its technical characteristics are the same as in the standard model, although the battery life increases from 7 to 10 days, a significant sacrifice in exchange for 1 millimeter thinness increase. Of course, the price increases of $ 199 from the original plastic version to $ 299. The order can now be done from the Kickstarter page and the company has promised to start sending in July.

Pebble also announced a platform for manufacturers to create their belts for the watch

The company also announced the creation of a platform for manufacturers and third-party companies to create their own belts for the new Pebble. The company expected to be created “smart belts” to increase the functionality of the Pebble, as bands with integrated heart rate sensors, GPS or even an extra battery.

Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky, gave a talk today at MWC in which he talked about wearables and all that is to come in this new industry. Undoubtedly, the Pebble could become a dangerous rival Apple Watch, as it is the only smartwatch that offers a different alternative to anything seen so far.