Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch

Pebble announced that production of the metal model of its latest smartwatch began this week

Pebble has positioned itself as one of the largest manufacturers of smartwatch market, it is that despite being born as a modest startup through a crowdfunding campaign, have already sold more than 1 million Pebble worldwide and everything indicates that the new model could also repeat the same success as the previous one.

The company has announced few days ago that the Pebble Time Steel production had already begun and would be found ready to ship the first units to customers at the end of this month of July. Those who participated in the campaign and called crowdfunding model Steel can begin to enjoy this month of July, although the company has already warned that the laggards could receive throughout the month of August.

The Pebble Time Steel will be sent along with the leather strap or metal , or both if the user so requests. However, due to a more limited availability than expected, the metal strap could be sent later as a separate shipment. By default, the metal strap is included with the units we sold in shop Time Pebble Steel, but you can buy it as a separate accessory.

The company began shipping the standard model of the Pebble Time (check in late May that financed the campaign, and recently opened within reserves to buy the smartwatch at Best Buy, the only platform that has been confirmed by the time will offer the device. For everyone else, still have to continue waiting for the Pebble Time can be purchased online.

The Pebble Time Steel is next sent to the leather straps or metal

The second iteration of this popular smartwatch has important innovations over its predecessor. For example, we now find a color screen e-ink that retains the 7 days of autonomy that have become popular device. The operating system also has been renovated to incorporate an interface based on a timeline.

Of course, the Pebble Time retains its characteristic features: rectangular body, 3 buttons to move through menus, no sensors and a price that make it quite attractive to those seeking a smartwatch without going through the hoop limitations a smartwatch.