Pedicure for Wearing the Sandals of Summer Trend

If you think that fashion comes before comfort you this summer you can not help but wear ankle sandals, trendy shoes for summer 2010.

These are the trendiest shoes that cover your ankles and highlight your heels and toes. They are certainly less cool and comfortable of the good old flip flops all open, but if you don’t want to look bad you have to adjust.

And that’s not all: it is not enough to buy the Sandals of summer fashion but we also need to devote a lot of attention at your feet: only with a perfect pedicure you will be really fashion! Here are some useful advice from Mcat-Test-Centers for the pedicure of the summer to do the beautician but also directly at your home with a little patience.

  • Rule number 1: hydrate!
    Because the ankle sandals leave prominently your heels is very important that these are smooth, without calluses and well hydrated.First green light to footbaths to soften the skin, then remove the corns by rubbing gently on the heels a pumice stone (Alternatively you can use a scrub all home based coarse salt), then rub on the heels and soles of the feet a super hydrating cream for dry skin of the feet.
  • Rule number 2: cut!
    Whether for manicures are fashionable long fingernails or long, for the pedicure is much better focus on short nails.Toenails are easier to cut when they are softened, for example immediately after the foot bath or shower. Use the wire cutters, the Earwig or just lime and try to give your nails a rounded shape that follows the contours of the toes or, if you prefer, a squarer shape.
  • Rule number 3: color!
    Nails short yes but not without Nail Polish!Sandals and more fashion for summer 2010 have neutral colors like black, white or beige, accordingly to the color of toenails can dare without fear. Green light brightly colored glazes, which must be combined to make up and of course the enamel manicure. Some examples? Fuchsia, purple, blue, green and even yellow, you know it’s really over the era of french manicure!
  • Rule # 4: deflate!
    After a full day walking around on your new ankle sandals your ankles might suffer a bit of excessive heat.Don’t worry: try to deflate your legs with a foot bath draining and a refreshing cream made from essential oils. You are now back on track for your next city parade!