Pike Fishing Tips and Techniques

Often for landing fish using landing net, including Pike, this is a common practice. But it is not always easy for a Pike to leverage landing net. It often happens that a Pike will speak “rolling” in the landing net. This allows the hooks, often dredge, easy to get caught up. This gives a Pike anglers on the water often problem onthaken Pike, or even lead to a broken landing net. Also a Pike in the landing net are easily damaged. The kieuwgreep offers this outcome.

Don’t miss: The kieuwgreep

The kieuwgreep is a very suitable method to land Pike easy to hold and onthaken. Especially in larger Pike is a very effective method that actually didn’t miss a Pike anglers.It is also very easy to apply kieuwgreep. Don’t be put off by larger Pike, the larger fish are in fact, the easier it is to catch fish in kieuwgreep. Space for your fingers lost to capsule fish increases. A large Pike has actually a “handle”, while the copy in a small space, but is not limited to, for example, two fingers.

Application of kieuwgreep

The simplest is the Pike in the water, or on the side, turn the stomach. This makes the branchial plates are clearly visible, and one of the branchial plates can easily be pushed open with one hand.With your fingertips, it can be very gently along the inside of the mouth of the glll against Pike be shot. Be careful not to touch the Red gills arches, these have sharp edges. With a smaller Pike, approximately 50-70 cm, you can roughly lost two fingers in the gills of the Pike. For larger samples, which overcomes the 100 cm, it is possible to lose your entire hand in gill. After catching Pike on the gill cover firmly by placing your thumb on the bottom of your mouth and your hand making a fist. After this, it is possible to lift the Pike. It is especially important in larger Pike to support good Pike, by grasping with the other hand under the belly of the Pike.


The kieuwgreep is then easy to onthaken Pike. Always here you have good iron at your disposal an easy Pike flies can contain. But Rod pike fishing is also an option. These are available in every tackle shop, you can not have it at your disposal, it is always possible to buy a puntbektang in the iconic building. Also decided not to forget to include a strong cutting scraper to cut, if necessary.

Getting started

With this information, it should be possible to own to get started with kieuwgreep. In the beginning, it is appropriate to be sure to get a landing net, so you can never be unpleasantly surprised. To exercise the Pike is best on a unhooking mat or put on the soft grass, can then be applied to the description of this article tried to kieuwgreep.

Please note

If inexperienced Pike anglers kieuwgreep that have not yet been applied in practice, it is advisable to go with a more seasoned Pike anglers on the road and learn in practice. You will not be the first to be damaged by the huge amount of small teeth, or razor-sharp Gill arches of the Pike.