Plasticine Keychain

A keychain in the shape of fruits, animals, or any other figure, is a nice choice of craft to make with the kids and fun family time. It is a very easy to make craft that can serve as a gift.


  • Clay colors
  • A keychain ring
  • White glue
  • Wooden stick
  • Wire
  • Brush


  1. to make a catarina, get a lump of red clay of the size that you want it, remember not to make it very large or heavy or fall from the ring.
  2. insert part of the chain at the ball and cover it well with clay.
  3. flatten the ball with the table to keep the catarina on foot.
  4. get very small balls of black clay and glue them on the red, make a half black circle for the head.
  5. you can make the eyes with white clay or paint.
  6. get the antenna wire and place them on the catarina.
  7. da hands of white glue on the catarina, let it dry and becomes more hands so it is shiny and resistant.

You can make many different figures to make these key chains, even your children can make his initials and those of their friends and give them, it is very easy to make craft and that your kids will love.