Prices Are Rising Now in the App Store

Apple has given developers message that prices in the App Store will change no later than today, due to new EU legislation.

Due to the new VAT rules that entered into force in the EU has Apple sent a message out to the developers behind the products that are listed in the App Store that prices will change. In the whole of the European Union, Norway and Canada also will prices rise, prices in Iceland will fall, and prices in Russia will be changed.

It is still not certain what will happen with prices in Russia, but the Russian economy and the ruble has been heavily influenced by the political situation in Eastern Europe.

The site The Verge has figured out that price increases averaging will be at 6.5 percent in EU member countries across both e-books, music, movies and apps.

At the same time updating Apple its prisudregningsmatix. It will be used to fix prices on apps within certain levels.

It is not unusual that Apple adjusts prices after economic conditions around the world, but the potentially large changes in prices and profits per purchase is unusual.