Quinceanera Dresses

At the time of choosing your dress for your party of 15, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and nice with it, so you can wear it with elegance freshness.

The dress you wear starting Jan is special day should reflect your personality and talk very well of you, that’s when you go to purchase your dress to go with someone of your confidence, that has good taste, and above all who know you very well.

Be very careful in details to take the dress, but all as concerned to emphasize your attributes, whether they are your shoulders, your bust your back and avoid wear something that you no favours. Keep in mind that stature you have will be very important when choosing a dress. If you’re short it is necessary not to use wide skirts and also to avoid cuts in the waist, since these will make you only look smaller than you are.

You can opt for the pastel colors, since these will give you a romantic touch, although they are also trendy colors bold Fuchsia and yellow, as well as prints. If you want to Stylize your figure, use a long dress, although short dresses are also very nice and manage to make your outfit look more fun and fresh, and the best thing is that you can combine them with accessories and shoes that match the color of your dress.

The body type is very important when choosing the quinceanera dress.

Hourglass shape. For this type of body the ideal design, it is that has flight and cinch the waist. Another good option are dresses with halter necklines, since they attract the curiosity towards the hips and create a silhouette more provided.

Plus size. Attention at the top, a V-neckline is perfect, another alternative would be that the dress has loose sleeves to disguise a little fat arms. A design that would give you a visual effect more flattering, would cut dresses Empire.

Tall and thin. If you’re tall and thin, opt for a dress type shirt, since if you have a few hips, this will give you volume. Another good option to add shape and femininity to your silhouette that has few curves, would be ruffled dresses.

Small. It is important to see the length of the dress. Those that go above the knee will make your legs look much longer.

Little waist. If you’re a girl’s waistline, opt for dresses in two tones, which will give you shape and to visually create you a well defined waist. Nothing better to disguise those rolls to a cut design Empire.

White skin. For you, that you’re a girl with very fair skin, colors that you favors are red, white, pink, black, green, silver, gold, dark blue and grey.

Brunette skin. To take advantage of this color of skin, it is important that you use shades that highlight your beauty. The best colors are: black, white, pink, blue, beige, red and grey.

Skinned. For the dark-skinned girls, you feel them well the intermediate tones. The colors that they favor them are: the pastel shades, cobalt blue, yellow, black, white, coral and green lime.