Quinceanera Makeup

Celebrate in big fifteen years or “Sweet 16” tends to be the dream of many girls. In addition to the dress or hairstyle – or the party itself – it is important to find the ideal makeup for the girl.

Perhaps, this is one of the most common errors. A quinceañera meeting does not mean that you should experiment with crazy looks or adults – to the contrary. It’s find a makeup suitable to the occasion (what your party is on the Beach?

in a luxury hotel?), skin tone and, of course, the personality of the girl. Do not pretend that your daughter, sister or niece “major” look with pounds of makeup.

Before you begin, be sure to give priority to the skin. Prepare it with Exfoliating, moisturizing it and makeup with soft bases – the moisturizing with color or the BB Creams are the best options for young women. Do not worry about hide dark circles or freckles! Only use concealer if you suffer from acne or have any Speck that bother you. Your skin will look fresh, just with a layer of color. Not so asturians!

Polished and define your eyebrows with a similar color to your hair. If it is the first time that you depilas, leave it in the hands of a professional. As with any other makeup party, your child needs cosmetics and tools of quality and long lasting – keep in mind this advice if you will do it from home. Finally, remember that a manicure and pedicure is essential.

The actress Chloe Moretz is a perfect example for teens.

Her makeup is varied, trendy but with class and, above all, appropriate to their age. Look at these four images – with simple guides – to recreate her look on that special day. Happy quinceanera!