Reflection: Presents The Video Camera App Oneplus – For Ios And Android

OnePlus has worked not only on the freshly-featured mid-range Smartphone OnePlus X: now also an own camera app has published the Chinese success startup with reflection – for iOS and Android.

The software directly in Apple’s app store and Google’s play store is available. Reflection can be be downloaded due to the small size of about 3-4 MB also safely without a Wi-Fi connection and installed. In a nutshell, an official video with a duration of 45 seconds presents reflection which should allow for photos.

An App For X-Shaped Collar

Given the size of the application one or the other may suspect may already, that reflection of OnePlus has not the utmost functionality. The app is in no way a full-fledged camera application by the caliber of Lumia camera app or the system apps by iOS or Android. It is actually only an artistic effect.

The app by OnePlus dominated basically is nothing more than a trick: you take photos of photos with the front and the main camera of smartphones and the app helps you to create a collage from the images. The end result basically characterised the pictures used by running diagonally across the collage borders separated.