Rumor | HTC Could Produce Two Terminals Nexus in 2016

What we present here is a rumor emerged in the last few hours and that began to spread, fairly quickly, but that, given the months that separate us from the event, must be taken with due care and with the right “detachment”. After this long introduction, let’s get straight to the point: according to what reported by a source on Weibo, HTC could be the next Google partner in the creation of two new terminals in the family Nexus.

According to the source, that would be two smartphone with 5 inch display “and 5.5” which will arrive in the course of 2016. In the past, HTC has already been an important partner for Google, since the very first Nexus, Nexus One, and the current Nexus 9 tablets were produced both by the taiwanese company. The source adds that this move could be an attempt by Google to help HTC, a producer at the time in trouble, similar to what happened in the past with LG.

Definitely January is the time of year which is farthest from the launch of a new Nexus, so the veracity of news is to verify, but a return of HTC within the world Nexus could excite more than a fan of the “old timers” of Android world.

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