Salts Make Sports? Plan Your Session with Technology

January is the month for good purposes. He return to exercise, quitting smoking, losing weight… There is little so we move on to February and some started to check whether we have met, or not, what we had in mind. If you were thinking of going out to run and exercise, in technology you you want helped.

Technology makes life easier and more comfortable, but can also help us get what we propose. Today we are going to talk about sports and although it is true that our devices are not going to go running by us, it may help motivate us. We teach you how.

The time of preparation, before running

Before heading out to exercise, we think where we are going to do, at what time and for how long. All right, already, we have chosen these three factors. We could leave as is, but technology can make it very pleasant very easily.

On the one hand music, playlist sugarcane will help us keep pace with exercise. Does not have to be electronics, but songs and themes that go fast and help us make the most of us. The ballads do not help, have to be fast and that incite us to be at the top.

For this reason, an mp3 player always is a good complement to take with us. There are many models, long ago we told you about them, but we can also be mobile on a bracelet for the arms. Headphones are always important and why it is better to choose intraaurales models.

They are more comfortable to wear, there are prepared models for exercise, and they sound much better without having to make a very large investment. The Sennheiser CX 300-II are perfect but you can find more models in this post that we dedicate to sport earphones.

We have prepared music? Now it only remains to something useful and that it has become fashionable recently. What? Get quantified! I have already spoken on the blog about activity bracelets: are in charge of recording our movements to then tell us how much we have been walking, the calories we burned…

Today there are three models to choose from: FitBit Flex, Jawbone Up and Polar. what is the best? It is difficult to stay with one because all are good and meet its role perfectly. FitBit and Jawbone are perfect for every day and Polar is more intended for people running with other accessories like heart monitors.

Time to stretch after running

You arrive home after an exercise session. We feel good, perhaps bit sore but happy because we have met our goals. We take off the headphones, give us a deserved shower and if we have five minutes is the perfect time to review about what we have done.

We put on the bathroom scale, data that we can synchronize with a few applications that are mobile, we told you about them also makes time. Thus we can control every day different variations. Have we done much exercise or little? Activity bracelet will help us to know with precision.

Sync it via bluetooth with your mobile phone and we check the graphs generated: see the calories you have burned, steps, distance and what have been our best time. This is undoubtedly the best way to control our physical activity.

We make a small and well deserved rest after continue with our day to day. Technology is still there with us the rest of hours but when it comes to sports there is to be seen as a distraction but as a tool that we can get a lot out.