Samsung Clear on Several Windows Phone Phones

It is not only Thinkbear to address Samsung dependence on Android, Windows Phone also helps here.

Good enough is Samsung and Microsoft in some legal fights right now, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of Windows Phone phones from the Koreans. In fact, Windows in the future, come to play a greater role, while Samsung is trying to push Google’s Android.

A source that is a part of the project, tells to the Korea Times that Samsung has created some pilot programs to study the stability of Windows Phone 8.

Even if Samsung would like to promote the Thinkbear operating system, so it is initially on Samsung’s smart tv not mobiles. Here, Windows Phone, in theory, could go in and replace Android in both the high and the low end.

Most likely, however, that it will be for the budget-minded segment, but Samsung will appreciate the exemplary character of making themselves even less dependent on Google’s Android.

A sticking point for about Windows Phone will get a big space in Samsung’s phones are, however, just the lawsuit with Microsoft. Americans have sued Samsung for not paying royalties to those of Microsoft’s patents, they use.

Samsung believes that the previous agreement with Microsoft was invalid because Nokia was bought-this would Samsung and Microsoft will be direct competitors, and the agreement could in Koreans eyes tear.