Samsung Galaxy Mega’s Way

Samsung introduces a new line of phones with large screens – the new series come supposedly to be called Mega.

Large, larger, Mega – it must be the conclusion of a new series smartphones from Samsung with large screens.

Samsung has our site changed its name on their upcoming phablets, so smartphones with large screens, so that the tangent to the tablets. The new series will be called Mega.

The Korean mobile phone manufacturer will introduce two new smartphones with big screens: Galaxy Mega 5.8 with model designation GT-I9152 and Galaxy Mega 6.3 with model designation GT-I9200.

Apart from the names it is assumed that the screen size will be at 6.3 5.8 inch and inch respectively, which might cast very well consistent with an earlier rumor that suggested that the next Galaxy Note III would get a screen size of 6.3 inch.

Galaxy Mega 5.8 comes only in white, and apparently will be introduced into the market around week 22, while Galaxy Mega 6.3 comes in both black and white, and is introduced in week 25.

When the phones come on the Danish market remains to be seen.