Samsung Galaxy S4-the Last Finish Defects (Mobile Test)

TEST: Galaxy S4 has many good qualities, such as the camera, but giant-performance fails to appear. S4 is missing to get the last finish.

Galaxy S4 is both a new experience, but also a lot more of the familiar from Samsung.

Samsung has not deviated much from the style in recent years. And unfortunately, the Galaxy S4 also created by a boring plastic material. I acknowledge that it has the advantage of a low weight, and that plastic keeps your phone nice for long periods of time.

But regardless of the approach to the design so we must bear in mind that the design line has only been on the market in a year’s time. Samsung maintains anything that has worked for them, so why do it on.

Bigger screen but lighter weight

I’m impressed that Samsung has managed to increase the screen size from 4.8 to 5.0 inch without the physical has been greater than its predecessor. In fact, the height has gone from 137 mm to 136.6 mm and the weight is dropped from 133 to 130 grams.

Also the width is reduced a bit, from 71 to 69.8 mm.

It is all in all good design and engineering work, to get a larger screen down pressure in a smaller design.Users get more screen space, but without the phone, take up more space in your pocket.

Although there is talk about tiny adjustments, so feels S4 slightly better in the hand than its predecessor.But we cannot avoid, to design the winner this spring is HTC One.


Scroll with eyes and head

Some of the most talked about is control around Galaxy S4, which opens the door to a new world. I think you have to view these features as the beginning of something new, where we have not yet seen its full potential.

You can scroll on a website by tilting his head up and down. It looks cool when it works, but it takes some time for the phone to locate you, and give the green light. Besides that it looks ridiculous out when the function is used, because you sit quite unnatural and convulsively, and trying to get it to work, so you can be unlucky, getting caught on a “wrong place”. The result is that the head should bend completely backwards, to scroll up – or the Chin should be pressed against the chest, to scroll down.

Smart scroll, which can also be set to true when the device is tilted, works better on paper than in reality. So I have disabled the function and parked it as “now we have seen and experienced it”.

On the other hand, air view, airview, where finger can open a preview of URf.eks. a mail or a photo folder, without touching the screen, a fairly bold function.

Also air-movement, which can scrolles on websites and switch to the previous page, by moving your hand over the screen, seems pretty cool, although I probably also not going to use it for anything other than demonstration.

Topgardinet is super good

Samsung has placed lynadgang to nothing less than 20 setting functions, directly in topgardinet. There can between them all in one line scrolles, or get them all forward, by drawing the curtain down with two fingers.

The smart is that not only are there quick access right at your fingertips, but also that the underlying settings can be opened simply by keeping the shortcut for a moment. Well thought out and good available everyday function.

Several of my Facebook friends have asked if S4 can receive MMS, without the data connection must be turned on. The answer is no. But you are notified of a new multimedia message, and can choose to download the image, when the connection becomes active.

Here it must be said that how it works also on URf.eks. an iPhone and many other phones.


Processor with loud noise on

In Samsung Galaxy S4, the version sold in Denmark, sits a 1.9 GHz processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 600) with quad-core. There is no doubt that this is an extremely potent calculator, but in everyday use, it is not something that felt very much.

S4 operates like any other modern smartphone, so unless you have specific needs, as are graphics and processor-intensive, is processing power is not the primary reason for choosing Samsung’s new smartphone.

Despite the many forces, is the interface not quite smooth and sometimes a small second rebuild widgets on the screen, or to update the clock. This is typically when the phone has been with the screen turned off. When the screen is turned on goes there for a moment, before the clock updates. Such errors are just not working in a top model of the world’s largest smartphones manufacturer.

On the benchmark software Antutu scores S4 total 24,620 points with 11,452 on CPU and Gpu of 8313.HTC One is with an overall score of 23,650. Here ends the CPU and GPU with 7,820 11,023 on.

All in all, the S4 on paper is not wildly much over the phone, which I consider to be its main competitor on the Android platform.

Really good camera

There sits the new camera technique in Galaxy S4, 13 megapixels it has become.

Now, of course, not equal good pictures megapixels, but compared to HTC One and concept of 4 Ultrapixels, Samsung Galaxy S4 a significantly more interesting product. Action shots, portfolio images, makroshots and pictures in low lighting, as well as lens, here performing S4 itself amazing.

Camera portion contains reams of editing functions, filters (which can be seen live in the picture are shot) and fun features, like the ability to take picture with both front and back camera at once. But it is irritated that the phone is relatively long to shoot a photo when the button is pressed.

All in all, the camera, however, approved, and one of the best on the market.

Samsung has created a story album in S4. With this app, you can create a photo book with the pictures taken on certain days or on special occasions. Subsequent material can be ordered and purchased in physical form. This is a good in-line function, if you want to have images in physical form.

The video recorder is performing Full HD recording, but at very high sound, overrules the sound easily.

The Gallery on the other hand, is a disgrace. Is the phone number of seconds, often bordering on the unbearable, to load the photo list. This is especially if the gallery view also includes Dropbox-photos.

Long operating time on battery

Capacity of the battery is supplied with a charger 2,600 mAh and with an output of 2 amps, which helps to reduce charge time.

The many features, large screen and powerful processor has fortunately not destroyed battery experience. So in relation to how much power there is in the hardware, battery life is really good.

I have had no problem with running 17-18 hours without charging. Here, it should be noted that my usage of the phone is pretty intense.


Piles of features

Samsung has been busy with development of the software for this phone, perhaps a little too busy, seen in relation to that not everything playing optimally.

In fact, there are so many features that I previously produced a web-TV feature on 20 minutes, about the different features of the Galaxy S4. And here is not even mentioned the possibility of using the S4 as remote control for the tv.

One of the news is S Health that can track diet, exercise, weight and time, but also show if you are in comfortable surroundings. Thermometer, barometer and moisture meter, are all the sensors, which opens up new possibilities.

On the accessories list also comes bathroom scales as well as blood sugar and blood pressure gauges. It is in earnest here, that S Health can show its worth. I think it’s hugely interesting to the smart phone also will be part of our State of health.

4 g and the NFC from the start

In relation to how it was when Samsung launched Galaxy S III, is there more in the package from the beginning with Galaxy S4.

The phone is, as S III, born down the NFC (Near Field Communication). But as we know, came first as its predecessor, the 3 g model, and later in an updated 4 g version.

At Galaxy S4 is the whole thing with right from the start, and 4 g (tested on Telia) are blazingly fast. It is also stable during the shift the phone must make between 3 g, 4 g, etc. When moving in and out of different coverages.

On wireless networking and Bluetooth, there is also fast and stable communication.

Keyboard with extra row

Samsung has chosen to take advantage of the slightly bigger screen on the 5 inch, for an extension of your keyboard. Above letters are now series. The idea seems good, but I have to pick a fight with the keyboard as well as a dictionary.

I can not write quite quickly and hit constantly wrong, particularly is the number keys that get in the way.

The dictionary also teases. If a Word is spelled incorrectly, that actively choose a replacement from the dictionary line. The courts thus not automatically Word with less, the settings for the keyboard click on “dictionary” and choose “auto renewal”. This feature is not enabled per default after the setup of the phone.

If you bring the Swype feature where words are typed by rolling your finger from letter to letter, without lifting, you will welcome the “continuous input” that works pretty well. The user must also enable this functionality in the phone itself.

Samsung has also made it possible to change the keyboard so it can “float” and moved around-otherwise, of course, just as the default fill the entire screen.

Innovative developments or software design?

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 I can’t help asking myself the question whether in the case of innovative developments, with the many new features, or just a simple software design that just as well could be created by other app developers, rather than the Samsung.

Of course, there are a number of sensors that brings new life to your hardware, compared to URf.eks.Galaxy S III. But I do not think Samsung in S4 manages to explode the possibilities well enough.

Airview elicits a smile and thought “How do they do it”, waving the function that can change gallery image is just fun, while the scroll with the head doesn’t really make sense.

It will be interesting to see how many of these news, which later will be made available last year’s model.

Video: a look at S4 after displaying in March

Memory 16 GB, or?

It is the version with 16 GB of internal memory, with the possibility of inserting microSD cards up to 64 GB, which is sold in Denmark.

Samsung has pre-booked just under half of the space in the phone to the operating system and built-in applications, which means that only around 8 GB is available to the owner of the phone.

There are many different prices on memory cards for phones, but 32 GB can be acquired for less than 200 dollars.

Conclusion: eagerly awaiting update

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with Android and Samsung own TouchWiz 4.2.2 adjustments, but the phone is suffering, that Samsung has not rendered the details finished. It is fire-too bad when now there is talk about this year’s perhaps most anticipated Android device.

Samsung put a great show up at the presentation in Radio City Music Hall, New York, back in March. But it impressed arrangement has proven to be excitable in relation to the performance.

Full HD screen fails nothing, the camera takes really nice pictures, topgardinets quick shortcuts work well, as do some of the new cool features. Unfortunately, the General experience of the product, in relation to its competitors on Android, the S4 in everyday use is providing less than it can be expected.

I have seen this problem before on Samsung products, so therefore I await eagerly await the first major update. I wonder if code boys in Korea are scrambling to correct errors. After all, several of the problems, something you can clearly see, without great effort.

All in all an exciting product which ends on 4 out of 6 stars. I will not reject a leveling up later, if Samsung should come with an update.


-Screen quality
-Good camera
-Shortcuts in topgardin works well


-Performer is not good enough
-New functions e.g. Smartscroll not good enough
-Ringing sound from the built-in speaker