Samsung Galaxy S6

This year as never before, the entries on the sales of the flagship of Samsung were discordant. On the one hand we have absolute numbers significant: the latest forecasts by year are around 45 millions, and they always oscillate between 45 and 50 million, although there was a moment of particular optimism which was speculated to reach 70 million.Compared to the previous flagship, the initial preorders were higher even than double (quadruple, in Switzerland), but according to the latest rumor the situation would not be all peaches and cream.

According to analysts, financial results Q2 Samsung 2015 will show a profit between 2.76 and 3.03 billion dollars: an increase of about 22% compared with the previous quarter, but a loss to as much as 24% over Q2 last year. The cause would be to search just in poor sales actual(as opposed to the number of devices shipped to retailers, value they refer to the above figures) of Galaxy S6. For the next quarter, Samsung’s hopes would be placed on Galaxy Note 5.

As we know the phablet of Samsung comes in a very delicate period of the year, which coincides with the arrival of the new iPhone. This year there are rumors that all the other manufacturers top Android are ready to come out with a new flagship (or a high end device), and there will be the advent of Windows Mobile 10, so the challenge will be more heated than ever.

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