Samsung Galaxy Touch 4: Multifunction Monster

Conclusion: The Galaxy note 4 impressed in the test with an incredible variety of functions and secures the top spot on the leaderboard. The pen works even better, working with the note is as simple as never before. The note 4 also boasts a spectacular display, fast performance, and State of the art facilities.

Samsung has consistently developed its banknotes in the past few years and always equipped with new and exclusive software features and a further optimized pin operation.The note 4 is no exception and makes a leap forward in all aspects. Technology, design, and software are the predecessors and the rest current mobile leaderboard simply superior. In no other smart phone we find so many special features and applications that fit into the concept of XXL so homogeneous.

Samsung Galaxy Touch 4: Smart Design, Mega Display

The biggest eye-catcher at the touch 4 are the new design and the impressive display. Samsung’s back like polycarbonate feels significantly better than nor at the Note 3, the new aluminium frame looks very elegant. Also the many curved lines on the page look attractive. The new Bill is a real slick Smart phone. The biggest highlight of grade 4 is the 5.7-inch screen AMOLED technology which resolves with grandiose 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. The values for brightness, contrast, color space and black level measured by us moving between very good and excellent, the resolution makes for extremely sharp views. The housing dimensions remain reasonable despite the large displays. With 154 x 80 x 10 mm (measured at the thickest points) the note 4 is only slightly larger than its predecessor and even much shorter than that iPhone 6 plus.

Samsung Galaxy Touch 4: Endless Long Feature List

The technical equipment of the touch 4 is exceptional, it creams from many points in the equipment category.As the first Smartphone in our mobile leaderboard, it features Bluetooth 4.1. The internal memory is 32 GB (approximately 24 GB free), microSD card, you extend this to up to 128 GB. Wi-Fi-ac, HSPA + and LTE cat.6 are the online standards. With the high-speed LTE, theoretical download rates of up to 300 MBit / s are possible. NFC has the flavor as well as a fingerprint scanner in the home button and a heart rate monitor on the back. Via fingerprint, you can unlock your phone, pay with PayPal, and use many more services in the future according to Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Touch 4: What’s Missing?

For criticism of the grade 4, we must search long and go into detail. So, we would have liked that Samsung will find a solution to make the note also waterproof. Instead, it meets no IP standard. The USB connector on the bottom is a downgrade in comparison to its predecessor. There is only 2.0 instead of USB 3.0. Again a problem with Samsung smart phones: the missing FM radio.

Samsung Galaxy Touch 4: Acoustics And Battery

During a telephone conversation with the grade 4 to fear no communication problems unless you have sufficient power supply. The caller sounds clear and close, the line remains noise-free, the note 4 suppresses background noises very well. Also the handsfree works well on the mobile side, because loud and relatively noise-free. The battery is, however, a weakness: the surf time is 5:19 hours. Thanks to Qualcomm’s quick-charge technology charges the Bill with the supplied power supply unit 4 in around 30 minutes 50 percent of his batteries. From zero to 100 percent is in under two hours. An extremely good value, just because the interchangeable note-3.220 mAh on the scale brings.

Samsung Galaxy Touch 4: Power Pure

The Bill comes with Android 4.4.4 perfectly liquid running in every situation. The post-test was still apps open Super quick update on Android 5.0 available, no Android game forcing the Bill to its knees. Because the new Qualcomm top processor Snapdragon 805 is in note powerful gas. The four cores bars maximum 2.7 GHz, the RAM is 3 GB. More power is hardly. Our benchmark results also confirm that: the Antutu benchmark, which takes into account the high resolution of the touch, holds a final score of 45.378 points, in the multi-core of the Geekbench test comes the note 4 on 3,200 points.

Samsung Galaxy Touch 4: Touchwiz À La Note

Samsung’s UI Touchwiz offers a wide range of exclusive features on the note next to an own design, many shortcuts and smart menu structures. From the recent app view out, you can start a dual-window view and two apps at the same time work with compatible apps like chrome, the play store or YouTube. If you have an application open and left rub over the display from above, it continues to run in a window. This you can on the then move screen and again put in full-screen mode when you drag it to the upper edge of the display. This function strongly reminds us of the way on the desktop under Windows.

And the Bill has still another PC feature, because the new S pen works like a computer mouse. You can draw a border around multiple objects, mark all. For example select a whole bunch of pictures. You can select individual parts of the image, cut out and put in a Clipboard, then later to save them in a separate document. Alternatively you assign notes, for which different pen types (filler, pencil, etc.) and choice of colours are the cut out part of the image. The Bill recognizes the strength of the pressure and converts very finely and reliably to your handwriting. Also the conversion of handwritten text typewritten works very well. Samsung has become obviously worried, in fact functioning features implemented as a Smartphone with a large display can facilitate the everyday life and this-very strong!

Class, we find also Samsung’s “Galaxy gifts”. Here, you get free apps and games for which you otherwise would have to pay money. Including “Kindle for Samsung”, which you will receive a free book each month. A special variant of the news app Flipboard, which combines news updates and messages from social networks is again left from the homescreen.

Samsung Galaxy Touch 4: Camera Test

The camera of the touch 4 resolves with 16 mega pixels. In the test lab, we get very sharp and beautiful color-accurate images during daylight hours. 853 line pairs at Deadleaves LOW10 speak a clear language. In low light conditions, decreases the quality because of the visible noise, remains but satisfying. After all, the deviation in the distortion only 0.1 percent is low. The Flash illuminates subjects very well. The note 4 in 4K-Qualität takes on videos, more camera modes such as dual-shot, burst, or panoramic image are also available. The front camera of the touch 4 takes on 3.7 megapixels at a very wide angle. When the rear-view camera, shutter lag with autofocus is 0.66 seconds. That lands rated among the best in our new, significantly larger test procedure for digital cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Touch 4: Alternative

A really similar smart phone with so many features, good pen operation and long battery life has simply not to offer the competition. As an alternative, we recommend therefore the predecessor Samsung Galaxy touch 3. Also the note 3 convinces with strong performance and good technique. Compared to succeed it has to offer even USB 3.0, and the pen works together with the multi-window functions well. The note 3 is not as fancy, but also clean processed. Biggest advantage is the price, because the scores from the year 2013 will cost approximately 400 euro.

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