Samsung Gets a Patent for a Tablet “Shapeshifter” Dual-Display

Samsung has just obtained the patent for the design of a very particular device. This is not the first time that we hear of dual display models in fact, but these then culminate often in models about the size of a phone or a little more, but in this case it seems that we are looking at something far bigger. In the title of the article we talked about tablet, but in fact there are indications about the precise dimensions, and this one seems like a something so “chameleon-like” to be able to become even a laptop with touch keyboard or even a portable TV with stand accessory.

The key seems to lie in the particular rotation mechanism you see above, able to couple the two displays not only long, but also on the short side, as well as overlapping on each other. In short, the many different devices in one, but also many problems to be solved, such as strength, weight and autonomy, to name only the first that come to mind.

Per request of Patent Bolt we publish one image of this patent, but we invite you to visit the link to the source to see also other configurations that explains, hoping to eventually be seen in an actual device and not only “on paper”.