Seagate Backup Plus

Seagate Backup Plus is a nice lösdisk, with very loose mobile connection.

Sagate Backup Plus is basically a very simple loose hard drive. The format is really nice, it is quiet, looks great, and works without any problems as soon as you plug it in. USB 3.0 cable is the only connector, separate power supply is not necessary. So far so good, but now see Mobile, so any mobile-related link, it must also be?

In a way, you can’t connect the drive directly to your phone, either via wlan or cable, it works even if it is not connected to a computer that is on. However, there is a backup function to the cell phone, which makes use of cloud services as an intermediary.

You enable the backup by installing an app on your phone. The files you can back up are photos, movies, music, contacts, call history and messages. All but the two later you have in and of itself already backup per default in via Google or Apple’s services.

The backup is done either against our site or Google Drive. The next step is then to install a program on your computer, which is in turn download the backup from Our site or Google Drive to your Seagate Backup Plus. Given that the computer is on and solve disk connected, of course.

One wonders what loose disk adds when you already have a backup in the cloud (and if you use our site on your computer’s hard drive). Maybe you want to be sure about nuclear war comes and wipes out Our site and Google Drive? Or you just want to save the line to manually copy the images to fix the disk?

No, mobile link is inconclusive on this otherwise clear nice and attractive losdisk.