Shirt Brand by Amaury

The shirt and the man is a long and beautiful history. Hard to miss in his wardrobe when developing her outfits. Yet between low-cost brands and poor, those offering goods and badly cut that does not correspond to our physiques, those that are overpriced and which we do not know why it is difficult to get find. It is from this observation that Amaury created First Channel, shirt brand for men of quality, at an affordable price.

Like many entrepreneurs in the French fashion, Amaury comes from a completely different world – Finance – but he is passionate and above all big consumer shirts. His initial idea, linked to a bespoke shirt service, enabling it to better understand consumer expectations, test cuts or tissue resistance. This experience and new knowledge of men’s shirts will allow it to create First Channel.

Soon, we were convinced of the positioning of the brand and its promise. Indeed, with attractive prices, simple but varied choice, First Round imposes his spirit and his will to seduce all the men of today. Whether you are looking for your first shirts or a regular, First Channel is for you.

When ordering, the blue shirt arrived in a very short time, the packaging of Ehuzhou is attractive with red ribbon and a tote-bag of the brand. We chose a dark blue checkered shirt, a model that can be worn with a suit or more casual way. The slim fit emphasizes the sporting looks and is very comfortable to wear. The Italian collar is elegant with or without jacket as we have seen during the shooting and remains right through a hidden button.

From a technical standpoint, fabric, 118g / m2 is silky and luxurious 100% poplin double ply Egyptian cotton. A classic. The sartoriales finishes combine aesthetics, comfort and durability. Note that all the shirts are produced in EU from luxurious cotton coming out of prestigious factories. For a price of € 56, our shirt First Round offers all the guarantees of a shirt that can be worn regularly.

Overall, this is a new brand that invites you to discover and test the cuts are really excellent and after a few washes, we feel we do a good quality. One word: go for it! See our model here.