Shoe for Pregnant Women

Choosing a good maternity footwear is essential when we are pregnant, since it will mark our comfort in every day. In addition, as the month progresses, it is very common to suffer swelling and fluid retention and our feet, inevitably, are resentful. So, here I’ll teach some models that can come to you very well.

Best to be comfortable is to choose a footwear flat and, now, with good weather, we can choose between several options such as, for example, a few ballerinas or chilly Sandals. Thus, these moccasins that you teach are Coolway and Tino González. As for ballerinas, we found fantastic models Coolway, Mustang and Marypaz.

For every day, go to birth preparation classes, walking, etc. maybe is a good sports shoes. And this for better than the 24 hour mark.

If you are not accustomed to the flat, you can find shoes with a little heel or platform that you can use without any problems. These are for example, Lola King and Mustang.

But, if you don’t want to renounce to the heels, the best is you use the COTS, much more stable and comfortable, and kept much more subject foot. I show you some Replay, Marypaz and Mustang models.

For special events, you can choose between several options. The easiest is that you use a low-heeled shoes, as these Marypaz, Stradivarius and Massimo Dutti, and bring you a comfortable and elegant ballerinas spare. These models are Massimo Dutti and Stradivarius.

But again, if you like to take a few good heels, is your choice. But, in your State, it is best that you cojáis a pair of shoes that keep you foot subject and, if possible, that they do not have a heel too fine. These are Lola Rey.

What you think? Do you have what kind of shoes ?