Shopping in Virtual Reality as Soon as Possible Thanks to Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay was launched for the first time in South Korea only last August, and in less than 8 months the contactless payment system has managed not only to expand (there are 5 million active users as of today), but also to get an interesting success.

Dissemination efforts are intensifying, and according to the head of Samsung will soon Pay Europe Nathalie Oestmann use that system to make in-app purchases outside the store Samsung Galaxy Apps and to make online purchases on e-commerce sites. What’s more, it looks like Samsung intends to add support to virtual reality in order to use Samsung Pay even inside the store through a VR.

“Gift cards offer us a unique way to provide offers, we have in-app purchases, e-commerce, and the option to pay online with Samsung Pay is very important,” said Nathalie Oestmann. “People visit e-commerce sites. Many sailing but only a small number then buy and pay. Sellers want to fill this gap, the banks as well, and if you use Samsung Pay with in-app purchase you will not have to enter it each time the credit card details “.

In addition, Samsung believes that virtual reality and contactless payment systems are about to live a future convergence through which you can get in a virtual store and purchase them directly from the Viewer.

“We talked about how wonderful it is to walk into a store with the VR Viewer and navigate in virtual reality,” added the head of Samsung Pay Europe. “You can click on the products and take what you want. I would love to be the payment system that regulates this. “