Six Health Apps for the Novice

The Committee of health apps for mobile is great. The novice can get a little help to get started.

There is now an app for everything-and this is also true when you want to focus on health.

Today, most mobile phones for measuring everything from the running distance and calories burned to sleep patterns, if you are installing one of the many based health-apps that are available.

But how do you create an overview as a beginner, when there are so many applications to choose from?

Our site and Anders Ha Nissen from P1-program the hard drive gives six bids.

-“You need to be motivated to change a habit, such as eating less or run more, before you begin. If you are not motivated, then there is no need to install an app, so lets just be using it, “says Anders Ha Nissen.

He recommends, among other things, “Instant Heart Rate”, which measures your pulse know that you put your finger on the phone’s camera, and “Moves”, which acts as a pedometer.

You can view all the recommendations by clicking here.