Slash Keyboard, Google Search and Many Other Features

Slash Keyboard, Google Search and Many Other Features
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No, it is not officially sponsored by the Slash Keyboard curly guitarist of Guns n ‘ Roses, but an alternative keyboard for Android and iOS available for some time, but it is relevant again in recent days after tabling Gboard, keyboard integrated with Google search (for now only on iOS). The fact is that even Slash keyboard integrates research on Google; indeed, Google is just one of the many services available. And it’s not over here.

Everything starts from / blue button on the left of the space bar. Pressing this button, we can launch searches on a wide selection of over 20 services, third-party integrated: from YouTube to Giphy, from Google to emoji, from Amazon to our contacts, from Spotify to Twitter and so on. The schematic procedure is more or less like this:

  • Awards /
  • Enter the first two or three letters of the slashthat interests you or choose from the list proposed
  • Type what you want to search
  • Choose between the results that you want to share in the chat
  • Send the message with the result translated into links

The list of Slash is highly customizable: we can deactivate those that do not interest us, rearrange them so that the most frequently used ones are always on hand and add new ones. This is especially useful for creating shortcuts to frequently sent messages; for example, I have created a /kk which translates automatically into a “fine, see you later”, but the only limit is your imagination and your needs.

For the rest, the keyboard is valid, because it is based on the standard keyboard of their respective operating systems. Also remain their advanced features as you type via slide, scrolling the cursor using the SPACEBAR and so on.

The installation is not particularly complicated, but on Android you may be confused by the fact that the keyboard is not called “Slash Keyboard” or something, but “Android keyboard (AOSP).” The Setup screen is not particularly clear, but there’s much to figure out what to do.

The performances are very good, like the keyboard upon which it is based (just to clarify, the Android keyboard and keyboard Google from smartercomputing, however the like are two different products).Searches through the various services are not snapshots as seen in the videos of Gboard the past few days-although, of course, a promotional video is definitely not a reliable yardstick.

However, to compare the two alternatives is inevitable, given that offer basically the same “key feature”. Wanting to summarize in an extremely concise, we could say that Slash Keyboard has by its versatility and customization, while Gboard has a little more of that “magic” typical Automation Google products.

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