Spring Fashion Trends Summer 2015

You say I’m crazy to think of the spring in the middle of winter, but the truth is that I look forward to and so, looking at photos of past shows, already beginning to think about what to wear in the coming months when we can finally lock up the socks in the drawer!

If it is true that we are in full season of balances, it is also true that, in these days, are arriving in stores the new collections of sweatpants and, if you are “fashion victim” as much as myself, you’ll definitely have a look at the new arrivals and you need a helping hand to guide you about the new signings!


As you know, fashion is a spinning wheel, and this summer will meet for many roads trend of past years.

The most important return is certainly that of the fringe this year were featured by many brands and are also very easy to match. The best thing is definitely that of a match head with fringes to something more simple and basic so as not to create a “too much look” hard to take!


A very strong trend is also that of applications : they are flowers, gems, sequins or embroidery , the watchword for the coming season will be 3D! He started Dolce and Gabbana with her ​​gorgeous clothes and then many were the brands that have followed this trend.
Surely we will find many versions rich in low cost applications in the coming months and Iadvise you to opt for sweatshirts, t-shirts and dresses that are definitely the leaders easier to match and to wear!


A great return will surely that of Denim which this year returns to the total look or paired with light garments, impalpable or metal.

The total look is definitely for the most daring, but for all other just dust off the old beloved jeans and combine it with super colorful sandals, high heels, glittering accessories super sexy.


Finally, an absolutely topical trends will be the “Sporty”, much loved and very handy save you in the days “no” making you chic and perfect even with a pair of sweatpants.

Fall in love with a new pair of sneakers, and all the rest will come by itself, but if you also want to heels even dressing “sporty” then opt for a pair of wedge sandals this spring can thrive!